SRS - The best in the business

Our customer and client care programme places our relationships at the heart of SRS. We have 24/7 availability on any query – technical, operational or supply related. Our clients drive our continuous improvement and procurement programme – if there is an item of plant or equipment that you need but can’t find, our expansive supply network can procure and mobilise what you need.

SRS is built on safety, solutions, integrity and opportunity. But we’re funded by our clients and we’ve never lost sight of the most important aspect of our business.

Technology and sustainabilty

SRS understands the changing nature of operations in resources and construction. Our live time reporting system logs equipment availability and usage, providing an oversight of what plant and equipment we have available for deployment at any given time. Our incident reporting and logging technology ensures that we can interface with your own HSE reporting requirements as well as any further, upstream compliance obligations.

Sustainability is no longer a buzzword in plant and equipment hire. Head contracts or operators frequently require carbon reporting or impose a project sustainability framework. SRS is mindful of ensuring efficiency for its fleet of plant and equipment. We cater for projects with carbon footprint reporting or those where an offset or capture capability is required. Having a solution-based approach is one of our values – we can work with you to accommodate bespoke or custom requirements.